Electrode & Membrane

ZH Energy Storage, in collaboration with Professor Liu Suqin from Central South University, has jointly developed new materials for redox flow batteries with improved performance and lower cost. These key material products, including the catalytic electrode (Graphelt®) and non-fluorinated ion exchange membrane, will gradually enter mass production and be introduced to the market






  Shenzhen ZH Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and is a global leading manufacturer specializing in the research and development of key materials and energy storage equipment for flow batteries. The company focuses on long duration energy storage technology, specifically flow batteries. Their goal is to address the industry pain point of high initial costs for flow batteries by developing revolutionary, low-cost, high-performance key materials, making it a more economical and safer large-scale energy storage solution for long periods. This initiative aligns with China's dual carbon goals.

  The company has a production line with an annual capacity of hundreds of megawatt-hours for battery stacks, capable of providing flow battery energy storage systems ranging from ten kilowatts to megawatts to the market. Additionally, leveraging Dr. Xie's nearly 20 years of experience in the U.S. flow battery industry, the company has collaborated with Professor Suqin Liu from Central South University to develop improved and cost-effective materials, including load catalyst electrodes, non-fluoride ion exchange membranes, and new sulfur-iron electrolytes.


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